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Manage & view my Addons
Version: 0.91 (alpha)
by: Mars85 [More]
The attached version has alpha state. Please see description and my comments for more information.

Manage & view my addons is an external application to manage your addons and have a quick overview of them. It has already been out for years for WoW over at WoWinterface and now supports both WoW and RIFT.

The following is a list of features which are already implemented for RIFT. For an overview of the features for WoW please see the project page at WoWInterface linked above (at the moment the version there is older because newer versions only added RIFT-compatibility).

The application offers following features for RIFT:
- A quick overview of your addons
- See detailed infos when you click on an addon
- Outdated addons will be marked
- Export addon list to several formats
- Option to configure which info to show in the overview list

Future versions may offer (some features are depending on what possibilities addons get in RIFT):
- See on which addons the single addons depend
- See which addons depend on the single addons
- Addons which are libraries will be marked if no addon depends on them
- See for which characters the single addons are enabled/disabled
- Option to hide libraries and/or sub-addons from the addon list
- Loading addon list from a different location, even zip files
- Backup and restore your addons and settings

Ideas for far away future versions:
- Saving and loading the 'activated/deactivated' settings (profiling)
- Remove unnecessary SavedVariables

If you have more ideas to include or any other type of (constructive) feedback please post in comments.

Important: You must have the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Runtime installed on your computer.
v0.91 (alpha):
- Added basic RIFT support. For details see my comments here.
- It's still offers the full functionality for WoW

v0.90 (preview):
- Version which only supported WoW
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Nice idea. But especially considering that I currently don't have much time to work on it, and addon API is far away from being complete and will take some time to get in to live, it's unlikely that this feature will be added before you find out how to install addons manually
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Claw of Regulos
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How about a feature to install addons for you, via the zip files that they come in or something like that? Because I have no idea how to install the addons that are able to be used RIGHT NOW on the site... that would really help more than having a program that keeps track of them for me.

It's a great concept, but it serves no purpose to me until this is possible as of yet, unfortunately.
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Version 0.91 (alpha)

I've uploaded version 0.91. Description has been updated to reflect the status of implementation.

This version is the first version which added (basic) RIFT support, and I still have to test and adjust several features (they are hidden), so it's tagged as alpha

For the moment, there's not much which can be displayed, because in current state the RIFT addon support doesn't have stuff like dependency between addons etc.

Please post suggestions, problems or any other (constructive) feedback here You can also post if you don't have any problems, so that I know it also works for other people
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Thanks for your interesting suggestions

I'm not sure what you mean with the first point but online features would require support for that by the interface hosting pages, i.e. a request service where I can get the data. But as far as I know there is nothing like that (and I don't want to rely on thinks which aren't liked by the hosters like parsing the output of the pages ), so features which require online access aren't likely to be implemented.

You can already see a list of dependent addons at libraries etc. in the information on the right side (maybe you have to adjust settings)

Treeview for dependencies (if applicable for RIFT, I'm not sure yet) and optional coloring of libraries are things I'll put on my todo list
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Instant search of current addon lists for both installed and available online to download.

Also a neat feature would be to perhaps include an option to view as expandable trees for dependencies.

If there are separate libraries then mark them as such, listing the curretly depended addons on info.

Perhaps include a "Similar addons" list or a "Other users also use THIS addon" when downloading a new one, for example when i download Grid it will say "Other users also use Clique". Perhaps too complicated so dont worry about it, just ideas ^^
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