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Mistmare's TackyNotes
Version: 1.0
by: mistmare [More]
Have you ever wanted to jot something down or put up a reminder without alt-tabbing or picking up a pen? My tacky notes program enables you to do just that!

These notes work like real life tacky notes that every geek knows and loves. You click on the pad to create a new one, input data and BLAMMO a new note is created. It also has slash handlers, a really nice handwritten font (public license) courtesy of a good friend of mine.

--Disclaimers --

No warranty is provided and end-user assumes all liability and renders and all the implicit rights and none of the duties resulting thereof from the product to the coder, in accords with the Geneva Convention, even though no one follows it and it may not apply unless you are a prisoner of war. Use at you own risk. Coder is not responsible for any loss of or damage resulting from proper or improper use. Coder is not responsible for, nor do I have time to troubleshoot, the interactions this may have with other addons and therefore recommend you use none, ever, including this one. Abstinence is the only surefire way to prevent this problem.


All pictures are copyrighted Mistmare and may not be reused, but the code (and only the code -other authors may not update the author's code without his permission and those wishing to use the code to make substantially similar end-products using the same code must first contact the author) itself is GPL making the package GPL(a). Beg, borrow or steal it. The software which compromises the totality of the package contained in the .zip file hosted on RiftUI may be reproduced and redistributed in full so long as it is not altered and is hosted on such sites conducive to a nature in accordance with its original intent that are not benefitting financial from direct control or sale of the code e.g. subscription sites that do not restrict access may host said code provided it does not require a paid subscription. Sites which are not of a family oriented nature are not authorized to host said materials, though exclusions may be made at the discretion of the coder on the basis of the extent and contribution to computing and MLP:Friendship is Magic fandom.
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Great addon and I love it but I've noticed it isn't working with patch 2.1 because Trion took out the option to run with older addon compatability in the addon screen.
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