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Version: 2.0
by: Lathais [More]
I will update for each Rift patch and Version# will match the Version of Rift it is designed for. Hence, 2.0 is actually 1.0, ohnoes.

Addons Included:

Align - This was used to help make things symetrical/centered.
CarnageBook - type /carnage in any zone to show you missed carnage quests
Gadgets - Unit Frames, Distance Display, FPS Display, Buff/Debuff Display, Castbars
Imhothar's Bags - An advanced replacement for the default inventory windows
KBM - King Boss Mods - be sure to update regularly
nkRebuff - Buff and Debuff watcher
nkWardrobe - Changes Item sets with the click of a button
Super Meter - Damage Meter

Set-up Instructions. Be sure and follow step-by-step

1. Navigate to your Interface Folder. In Vista, default location is C:\Users\<YourAccountName>\Documents\RIFT\

2. Rename your Interface folder to Interface_BU. This is to get your old UI back if you want to later.

3. Place the Interface folder you downloaded in this same location.

4. Open the Interface Folder

5. Open the Saved Folder

6. Rename the folder to your account name(your e-mail address), then open this folder

7. Copy and Rename the Folder to your Server Name. Repeat if you play on multiple servers. Open this Folder.

8. Copy the folder and Rename it for each of your chars.

9. Navigate to your Rift Install Directory(In Vista Default is C:\Program Files (x86)\RIFT Game) and place the LathUI file there.

10. Log into the game and type "/importui LathUI"

At this point you are basically set but will need to configure nkRebuff and nkWardrobe if you choose to use them.


To Revert back to your Original UI simply navigate to where the Interface file is stored, delete it and rename the Interface_BU file to just Interface. This should set you back to whatever you had before trying out my UI.

Will try to remember to grab some screenies in combat, or if you want to see it in action check out my stream at twitch.tv/lathais
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Ok, I have not received any complaints yet, but there are a few problems I have noticed and actually fixed on my end.

- The clock that has LFD and Mail notifications is somewhere off-screen
- achievement notification is off-screen
- Rift Loot window was poorly positioned as was the nexus infusion button.

In addition to this, you probably do not need my nkRebuff/nkWardrobe settings so I will remove those as well.

This is all fixed on my end, just waiting for Rift to apply their patch and I will update all add-ons and release a new version.
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