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Clicks: Rift Healing Helper
Version: 1.0
by: felenaa [More]
At the moment, Rift does not support addons. So if you want to have the ability to do true 'Click Healing' you need to be creative.

This will not heal for you. This will not do macros for you, this will do nothing for you but send a predefined keystroke to the game using the mouse buttons.

From that, comes this little utility, and this is what it does:
While running, this program will make a small portion of your screen not respond to some mouse left/right clicks. The area of the screen is setup by you, using this program as well.

So when your mouse enters these coordinates it turns your mouse left button into F9 and your right button into F10 for example. When your mouse cursor leaves this defined area, it works as a normal mouse allowing you to turn your character and move with the buttons again. Rift has the ability to catch the Middle Mouse Button and the M4 and M5 buttons (Side Buttons usually). This utility will only catch the left and right buttons.

This does require you move your raid frames where you like them, and then lock them into place. Once this is done you need to find and setup your coordinates. This is not hard, but does require some simple setup.

More information, full source code for anyone to download, how to setup and use also available at: http://www.divinitiesbane.com/?page=rift
Updated program Specify Areas dialog. Sometimes the Save button would become available.
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Thumbs up Life saver

Oh, thanks, this is life saver for a poor new Cleric with 7years wow experience.
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