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RGM  Updated Today!
Version: v 0.68M
by: Ferather [More]
RGM - Rift Game Manager

Basic and advanced ability breakdown with hit-to-crit counter.
Colour coded combat logs and group death log for players.
Built in absorb to heal and absorb to damage converter.
14 meter parsing modes, with the option to show them all.
Display self only, or 5-28 units, with mouse wheel panel scrolling.
Player, player pet, group and group pet combat detection.
Export basic unit meter data via any chat channel, old method.
Basic auto sync for addon data sharing with units out of event range.
Display both allies and enemies, with multipurpose dual panels.
Basic ability filters, using ability names, old method.
Optimized to use minimal system resources.

Chat commands:

/rgm density xx -- Example: density 0.68, changes panel transparency.
/rgm over -- Toggles mouseover based quick ability breakdowns.
/rgm toggle -- Toggles the display of RGM on or off.
/rgm reset -- Resets all settings to default.
RGM v 0.68M (Masterwork)

> Moved panel growth from the timer, "00:00", to middle clicking the main panel.
> Moved quick menu toggle to right clicking the timer, "00:00".

Previous changes:

> Middle clicking "00:00" or "Session: x" will now switch to the current session.

> Moved the main panel width changer from the timer to the main panel.
> Added a quick session changer to the timer, using mouse wheel.
> Panel width can no longer be adjusted when locked.

> Added command "/rgm density xx", example: density 0.68, which changes main panel transparency.
> Added command "/rgm over" which toggles mouseover quick ability breakdowns.

> Improved pet support and added guardian support to the absorb to heal converter.
> Improved display of pet and guardian data in ability breakdowns.

> Added support for larger numbers, up to trillions, to panels and breakdowns.
> Added panel locking feature, right click the main panels to lock them.

> Middle clicking "00:00", will now toggle quick menu or normal menu mode.
> Quick menu mode can be moved and will remain on, until toggled.
> The menu will no longer move after session changes.

> The unit sort feature will now toggle between ascending and descending sorting.
> Intercepted and blocked damage is now converted to full ability damage.
> Using mouse wheel on the timer "00:00" with now alter panel width.
> Changed the Primalist colour to reflect the in-game colour.
> Hidden panels will no longer re-display after logout.

> Added a basic ability filter, edit "Filter.lua" (RGM folder) to add abilities to the relevant category.
> Absorbed damage is now added to the total ability damage, for the caster of the attack.
> Fully absorbed critical hits are now included in breakdowns.

> Fixed a "nil" display with ability tooltips, when pets deal damage, but the owner does not.
> Using the "Delete Data" option will now start a new session if combat is active.
> Set a default colour for units with unidentified callings.
> Added an additional quick guide screenshot.

> Added Primalist support, thanks to Neverine69.
> Updated the revision to version 4.2.

> Fixed/Updated the data sync feature, data sync now supports cross shard sending.
> Group combat/Instance mode can now be detected after combat starts.
> The unit death log will now update if open on the current session.
> Reduced the resource cost of the data processor slightly.
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Resetting RGM.

Type the following in-game:

/script RGM_Global = nil


Changing the absorb converter to your locale/region.

> Open your addons folder and open "RGM".
> Open "Filter.lua" with notepad or any word editing software.
> Edit "Absorb" in "Convert" to match your locale.

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