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developers looking for help

Are you an AddOn developer, or someone who is looking to help the community? Would you like to become part of something big? Being part of the RIFT Evolved team is simpler than most people have come to think. There are no formal introductions, and most people who ask will receive access to our resources. We have a video editor, a graphic designer, and a programmer (Myself, currently) that are all willing to help out the community. We are dedicating a large amount of our time into helping players sqeeze every single percent of efficency out of their characters, and would like a few people to help us do just that - bring useful AddOns to the playerbase. Hopefully, you're interested in the doing the same - helping the community! We bring communication, group direction, and larger projects to the table. Most importantly, this brings the amount of work down for each person in such a way that larger AddOns can be developed. If you want to be one of the developers to a large, hugely popular 'proven' AddOn, then joining this team is a sure fire bet on getting full credit for your contributions.

Recently, RIFT Evolved has been working under a proprietership title. We expected to be able to have a decent, steady output of AddOns for RIFT that would allow us to legitimately offer part time and full time work for people who wrote us inquiries for work. We have consulted a few third parties, and we have decided on revamping our internal business policy. We will be expanding our Free AddOn creation immensely. This means we are looking for anyone who would like to contribute to our AddOn creation.

To give context to the downloads expected, let's look at the #1 WoW AddOn downloads per day. It is currently capping at about 20,000 downloads daily on just one site. Other AddOns hang around the 10,000 daily download mark consistantly as well (On patch days, there have been AddOns that peak at over 60,000 downloads that day). Most people would assume that since RIFT has 6 times less players than WoW, the expected downloads would be 6 times less. But we are actually looking at a 5+ million (for large groups of exceptions) English speaking players, and RIFTs million plus English speaking players. There is also no real supply and demand line yet - If there is demand, there is a single source of supply, immensely increasing downloads. If anything, the 'most popular' AddOn, we reasonably think, would enjoy a comfortable 5,000 daily downloads as the downloads become steady after the patch is released. I'm hope that people would enjoy the prestige that comes with putting, "I have helped build software that is getting 5,000+ downloads every single day."...
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