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New API Changes Incoming

  • Event API Redesign is in place! See this thread for more details. The ingame documentation is a bit minimal at the moment and will be improved. Note that the new API does not yet work with dynamically created events (i.e. slash commands or Utility.Event.Create) - this will hopefully be addressed in a hotfix.
  • The Rift* frames now insert their handlers in Lua. This means that their handlers can be removed, called manually, hooked, and otherwise modified.
  • Significant improvements to the Key* events, including a new KeyRepeat frame event. KeyUp/Down/Repeat should now give far more reliable key identifiers (please report any that are missing!) and KeyDown will no longer be spammed when holding down a key.
  • The loading screen will now include information on which addon is being loaded or shut down. ReloadUI will now trigger a loading screen if addons are enabled (but it won't take much longer to reload than it used to.)
  • As part of the Key* improvements, KeyUp/Down/Repeat may give different output. In most cases, this should be a change from "useless output" to "useful output", but there may be actual compatibility differences. KeyDown will no longer be spammed when holding down a key, and this behavior has been split into KeyRepeat. This may break some addons - I apologize, I saw an opportunity to fix this and I took it. I don't think many addons rely on this behavior, but if they do, you will need to fix them! Hopefully for the last time.
  • The old event system will be removed. This is tentatively scheduled for Compatibility Mode in 2.4 and complete removal in 2.5. Be prepared! Get your changes done soon!
  • The new event API does not yet work with slash commands or events returned from Utility.Event.Create.
  • Documentation on the new event API is a bit sparse.
  • LuaJIT may be running in interpreted mode and not in a full JIT mode. If anyone knows how to test this reliably, let me know.
  • Improved speed of serialization code.
  • Updated LuaJIT to 2.0.0.
  • Addon loading will now amortize its runtime over several frames, preventing some performance-related issues and resulting in a smoother load bar.
  • Addon loading will coexist better with the game's resource loading, possibly improving load performance on some computers. (file this into the "convenient side effect" category)
  • Fix a few missing tags for quests.
  • Fix a problem where some Storm Legion quests would have an invalid quest ID returned from Inspect.Quest.Complete().
  • Added line to documentation explaining that you can't change back from secure mode.

Additional note from Zorba: diff currently not available since I'm fixing Trion Dev Tools for compatibility, I'll get this up once I can - it's basically the new event system, however.

Thank you Aalwein, for having originally posted this.

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The footnote was actually from Zorba, not me I should have quoted that whole post.
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Ah, okay. I'll fix my post.
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