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Version: v 2.04
by: Ferather [More]
RGM - Rift Game Manager

Basic and advanced ability breakdown with hit-to-crit counter.
Colour coded combat logs and group death log for players.
Built in absorb to heal and absorb to damage converter.
Multiple absorb buff support, with caster and value detection.
14 meter parsing modes, with the option to show them all.
Display self only, or 5-28 units, with mouse wheel panel scrolling.
Player, player pet, group and group pet combat detection.
Export basic unit meter data via any chat channel, old method.
Basic auto sync for addon data sharing with units out of event range.
Display both allies and enemies, with multipurpose dual panels.
Basic ability filters, using ability names, old method.
Optimized to use minimal system resources.

Chat commands:

/rgm density xx -- Example: density 0.68, changes panel transparency.
/rgm over -- Toggles mouseover based quick ability breakdowns.
/rgm toggle -- Toggles the display of RGM on or off.
/rgm reset -- Resets all settings to default.
RGM v 2.04

> Tweaked ability breakdowns and improved display of cases where there is only pet abilities.
> Tweaked the addon sync feature, RGM users will now become shareable on combat.
> General code optimizations, and finalization of the updated addon engine.
> Reduced addon resource cost slightly in open world scenarios.
> Fixed a unit display issue with right click close logs.
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Resetting RGM.

Type the following in-game:

/script RGM_Global = nil

Used to fix bugs after updating RGM from older versions.


Changing the absorb converter to your locale/region.

> Open your addons folder and open "RGM".
> Open "Filter.lua" with notepad or any word editing software.
> Edit "Absorb" and "Shield" in "Convert" to match your locale.
> You can also add your own absorb buff scan words.


Adding abilities to the filter list.

> Open your addons folder and open "RGM".
> Open "Filter.lua" with notepad or any word editing software.
> Find the relevant event to filter, for example "Damage".
> Copy the plain filter, and add the ability name.

["Auto Attack"] = 0, (Zero)

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