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Aratari UI
Version: 1.00
by: Aratari [More]
This UI is fairly simple.

It's for those who wish to have a new layout but have difficulty understanding how the layout tool works or has difficulty with it due to interface issues, time-frame issues with work, school or sessions for RIFT etc.

Don't expect anything from this that's "super-awesome" because it's not. But what you will get from this is a simple UI.
  • Map (Bottom Right)
  • Buffs (Top Left)
  • Player (Middle Center-Left)
  • Enemy (Middle Centre-Right)
  • Status Bar (Above map)
  • Social Bar (Above map)
  • Menu Bar (Bottom Left)
  • Bag Bar (Bottom Left)

Small but noticeable thing you can see in this UI is that it's made for 1400 x 900 screens.

Also, when you die your player and enemy UI will return to the centre due to it's parent (breath bar) being removed from UI displayed caused by your death, it will return back to normal when you're alive again.

Text is also rather small on this and majority of it is centred in the bottom/middle.

Anyone can make changes to this layout and submit their own submission under my original.

Installation instructions are located in the downloaded file.

If you have issues, get a hold of me.
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