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nkTextureViewer is a helpfull tool for addon developpers to get a list of the ingame textures. Upon installation and first login the addon will automatically start recording the textures used within Rift and store them in a list. This is done on logout so for the list to fill you'll have to logout (or /reloadui).

You can access the addon's viewer using the command /nktv

In the window you can search for text patterns using the search field. Enter the text and hit enter to filter the list of found textures. Click on the X to clear the filter.

By default the list is sorted by name. Using the sort by radiobutton you can switch the sort order to by date. The addon internally records the time a texture is first identified. So you can sort the list to find newly identified textures.

Part of the texture lists are all icons for abilities and items. These can be filtered out by activating the checkbox 'filter icons'.

At the bottom right there's a text box where you can manually enter a texture path. Upon hitting enter the addon will then test if that texture exists and if so store and display it. This is usefull for playing the Trial&Error game or trying path names found in memory dumps etc.

Finally you can preload the addon with some textures. Rift uses some generic filenames like for example UISource_IXXXdds where XXX is a hex code. Using the following command line option you can preload these: /nktv load XXX

Where XX is the prefix of the textures to preload. For exaqmple: /nktv load UISource_I

Know prefixes are:

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