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Version: 1.3.2
by: Naifu [More]
nkCurency keeps track of all your ingame currencies and shows them in a small collapsable window. If you have the addon nkPanel installed, nkCurrency will automatically integrade itself as a nkPanel plugin and not show any individual window.

Using the combobox you can select the currency category to display. Within a list you can left click on an entry and that currency will from then on be shown in the title of the addon's window. Simply click another currency if you want to change it or the same again to show the addon's default title header again.

window mode

Using the checkbox in the header you can lock / unlock the addon. If you move the addon above the screen it will snap to the top of the screen. If you move it so far to the bottom of the screen that the addon couldn't be shown fully it will snap to the bottom and place the title header to the bottom of the addon window.

The small triangle in the header title indicates the display mode. You can switch the display mode by clicking on the triangle with your mouse.

If the triangle shows to the right (default mode) the addon window will auto-hide after 5 seconds. It will be displayed automatically if you hover with your mouse cursor over the title header or if a currency of the currently selected currency category changes.

If the triangle shows to the bottom then the addon window will not auto-hide and be displayed all of the time.

Using the X you can hide the addon. You can re-show it by using the command line /nkCurrency or /nkCur (If it was shown before this will hide it as it's basically of toggle display command). Also you can access the hidden addon through the nk Button located near the left of the default minimap position.
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