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Updated:10-04-11 09:12 PM
Created:10-04-11 09:12 PM
HK Helper (Hammerknell Helper)
Version: 0.01
by: spronk [More]
This is a very simple mod I wrote for myself, it just does a few things inside Hammerknell:

For Murdantix, tells you when boss is casting Soul Trauma (for interrupts)
for Grugonim, tells you when he is casting Rampant Decay and Corrosive Bile, and who the targets are (for figuring out after wipes)
for Soot Cloud, tells you when the boss is casting Soot Cloud (does not currently do Ancient Flames)

I didn't really think of anything to warn for Zilas or Matron, since the stuff they do is pretty obvious. Our guild hasn't gotten further in Hammerknell yet so I haven't written other stuff. I may write other stuff for Sicaron and Rune King once we get to them.

This mod is very cpu light (0.01% or less for me always) but not very modular, its just a temporary thing until someone comes out with a real Hammerknell raid boss mod. Feel free to use the code from here without credit, I don't expect this mod to live very long.

** UPDATE 10/12/11: I've stopped playing Rift so this add-on is dead, I'm sure someone will come out with a full HK boss mod soon.
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