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GibsUI Minmax Meter
Version: 0.3
by: Gibbous [More]
GibsUI Minmax Meter is a personal performance addon, designed to display comprehensive combat statistics to enhance your ability to minmax your build, rotation, and to fine-tune your execution.

Current version only supports DPS, however Tanking, Healing, Buffs, and Debuffs will be added in the near future, providing a full complement of tools and data to any class and any role.

Please contact me at [email protected] or here on RiftUI if you find any bugs, or have a suggestion for the addon. (or wish to donate so I can work on this more instead of working more )

> tracks multiple targets' DPS, Damage Done, and Percent contribution
> listing unit damage by damage type (as well as all contribution info)
> listing unit damage by ability (as well as all contribution info)
> displays this information with a single bar for each category
> click on bar segments to get a detailed readout of the target's performance
> saves UI state and tracking state between sessions
> moveable frame (thanks to Marru and Gumaden for the basecode)
> saves UI Position across sessions by character
> visiblity toggling as a button, rather than just a slash command

> support incidental pets like Empty the Crypts
> expand data listed to include damage mitigated, and missed attacks
> track relevant tanking statistics, including blocks/parries/dodges per minute
> track relevant healing statistics, including overhealing and mana efficiency
> easy toggle between UI display modes
> alternate compact UI mode (for when space is more important than information
> performance boosts
> saving multiple encounters (by name of first target and time)
> track buff and debuff uptime, as well as their contribution to the damage
> track buff and debuff uptime, as well as their contribution to the healing
> track buff and debuff uptime, as well as their contribution to the defense

> tooltips are sometimes hidden by adjacent bars
> bar positions are slightly off
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