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3d Plasmarbar for TCB/CBR
Version: 01
by: eya123 [More]
have not found away from the color bar to make a lozenge.
and unfortunately no other way to integrate a texture
I hope adelea built into the setup until then here are the last resort

copy egray.png's to \rift\Interface\Addons\cbr\
copy egray.png's to \rift\Interface\Addons\tcb\
Edit CBR_Main.lua ore TCB_Main.lua
Line 109 like in image

habe keine weg gefunden aus dem farbbalken eine raute zu machen.
und auch leider keinen andern weg eine textur einzubinden
ich hoffe adelea baut das ins setup ein bis dahin hier die notlösung
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There still exist a command:
/tcb texture
/cbr texture

to enable/disable textured bars

The texture hast to replaced with the original one in the addon folder
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Unread 10-27-11, 06:27 AM  
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I can certainly add a way of specifying your own texture, to save editing of the code to do so.

With the non-rectangular textures though, it will look odd as the coloured bar is drawn over the top you will have non-textured areas showing.

I cant see a way around this though...
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