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Artwork for Lifebinder-beta
Version: 0.1
by: octanus [More]
Artwork Pack requires Lifebinder-beta addon
You can find Lifebinder here:
LifeBinder (Beta)

Pack includes:
  • a new healthbar (in range and LoS/OOR)
  • Mana Bar
  • Energy Bar
  • Cast Bar
  • New Class icons
  • Photoshop Files of all of the above!

Quick shout out to the developer of LifeBinder, Awesome addon keep up the great work!
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Oh cool, thanks for sharing it over there!
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Very nice mate, i added a link to this on the mods Comment section and the guy who is working on it says,

Originally Posted by dawnii
Now this look nice, a fan of this mod has done a skin,

Thanks for sharing it! I'm going to actually put it into the next release of the addon with optional skins.

@octanus, hope you don't mind.
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