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Dimension Snapshots
Version: 1.0
by: Galuhad [More]
Disclaimer: Whilst there are a number of checks in place to safe-guard your dimension when using this addon, I can take no responsibility for any losses to work done on any dimension through the use of this addon. Make sure you always back your work up (export) before doing anything hasty.

Dimension Snapshots is an addon for moving/copying entire dimensions. I had a build that I started in Dormant Core, but when Anywhere launched with the Dreamweaving skill, I decided I really wanted to move it there instead. At that point the dimension had over 1,000 items already, and using Toolbox or Dimension Tools to save the items as sets just wasn't feasible. So I set out to create an addon that would allow me to capture the information for an entire dimension, pack all the items up, and reconstruct it in a different zone.
With this, players can copy dimensions from the PTS to live, create buildings in 'workshop' dimensions to be rebuilt within another, or create blueprints for sharing or future builds.

To use, you must first choose a radius for your snapshot. The default is set to 150m which is usually good for capturing most of your dimension. I would not recommend setting it any higher, any items that are too far away won't be captured, and it can mess up when trying to pack or load items. You can set it as low as you want, so if you wanted to capture a small area then you can do so.

Snapshots do not require you to select the items to be included, every item within the radius is captured as part of the snapshot, which makes it easy to record information for an entire dimension. For items placed outside the radius, you can move closer and add to the existing snapshot until everything is included (a handy message tells you the size vs the number of items in the dimension).

With your snapshot, you can print some details about it, which will list the quantities for each item, it will also tell you information concerning the packing of the items (should you want to move to another location).
You can save/export your snapshot for safe keeping (I highly recommend backing up through exporting the snapshot before doing anything serious).
If you are wanting to remove the items within the snapshot then you have a pack items button, which will clear everything except items that are selected, and items placed too far away. Because snapshots does not recognise important items to keep and likes to take them all, selecting anything to save is a good way of preventing accidental packing. Just want to point out that it will only pack items that are in the snapshot, nothing else.

In the event that you do make a mistake (it can happen) there's a restore button, which will try to restore the dimension to the current snapshot - again within the same radius only.. but you can move about and restore again if you need to cover a wide area. The restore option is handy for trialling builds, but then reverting back if you change your mind. In any case, for serious work that you want to save, always export as a backup before doing anything that could accidentally wipe your dimension or cause problems with your hard work. Exported/saved snapshots can always be reloaded from an empty dimension in the worst-case scenario.

The export option is there as a back-up, but also to share any blue-prints with other players. Export is easy to use, just make sure you assign a name (dimension name by default). The data to be exported will pop up in a new window which you copy/paste into a text (.txt) file using something like notepad. Once saved as an export you know that is always safe no matter what. Whilst you can save in the game, if the client crashes before it's saved you may have to start over.

Previous snapshots that have been saved or imported can be loaded from the dropdown. If adding to an existing dimension, you will be asked if you want to remove existing items first. It will then do checks to make sure you have the quantities needed etc. Dimension Snapshots will take from your inventory first, and then your bank/vaults. The only caveat to this is if the stack in your bank/vault only has one single item, in which case the game doesn't like to take it for some reason, so you will have to redo those items later when you've had time to move them into your bags.

The addon will only load the items within the set radius to make sure it is able to place them correctly. Increasing the radius to try and place everything in one go won't work. Instead you must break it down into two or three segments if the items cover a lot of space. When loading, you can enter the centre coordinates where you want the items to load around. If you leave these blank they will load at the coordinates saved in the snapshot. If you are loading in segments, make sure you do not change the coordinates between loads, otherwise you'll end up with items that do not align with the original design.

When loading, existing items shouldn't be re-placed. However there will be times that the addon can't recognise a placed item from one that needs to be placed - once placed the game sometimes likes to switch the rotations which makes it hard to identify. You will be asked if you want to remove existing items. If it's a complete rebuild, I'd recommend to do so, this way you completely remove the chance of loading any duplicates.

If you want to find the centre of the dimension for placement, you can do this by tracing the outer boundary of the landscape. Coordinates are updated on the screen with the min/max values, centre points, and lengths for X,Y and Z. One thing to mention concerning the Y (height) values. The centre value shown in the window is not the same as the value used for loading the snapshot, it is really there for your information. Snapshots are loaded from the centre point of the entire build for X and Z, but from the lowest point for Y. You may need to trial a small radius of your snapshot being loaded to make sure you get the placement how you want it, and calculate any offset differences if needed.

At present only English is supported, but the string file can be translated if needed.

The following commands can be used with the addon loaded:
/snap - shows/hides the main window
/snap reset - resets the addon
/snap shot - takes a snapshot/adds to an existing snapshot
/snap force - bypasses the need to be in a dimension to use (encase the change zone event doesn't fire properly).

Known Issues:
  • Changing zone and dimension recognision does not always work. This is a bug in the API unfortunately. The dimension is protected from being used outside of a dimension, so if you see in problems, try /snap reset first.. if that doesn't work then /snap force should do the trick.
  • Items that are too far away will cause problems when picking up/placing down.. Try not to exceed 150m for the radius.
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