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Updated: 06-25-13 04:02 PM
Updated:06-25-13 04:02 PM
Created:02-17-13 10:20 AM
Version: 0.4.10
by: Baanano [More]
LibPGCEx is a modular Rift Addon Library built on top of LibPGC to further enhace its capabilities.
Auction searchers

Set up descriptive or code rules of which auctions you want to retrieve or monitorize, and this library will scan LibPGC's Auction DB to get the work done. These searchers can be used to apply filters the native auction house doesn't support, as "Show all auctions posted by character X", "Show all gear pieces that are better than mine", "Show all auctions whose price is below vendor price"...
Auction searchers can be defined to work online (using live data directly retrieved from the AH) or offline (using data stored by LibPGC even when you don't have access to an auctioneer).
Price calculation

Probably the most time consuming task when searching or posting auctions is deciding which is the appropiate price of an item so you don't end selling too cheap or buying too expensive ones. LibPGCEx provides an extendable price calculation pipeline you can use to set up descriptive or code rules so it calculates these reference prices for you, using current and past auction data.
The basis of LibPGCEx' price calculation pipeline are Pricing models, which can be of 4 different types:
  • Simple: Use a Price Fallback Calculator to estimate the reference price. Price Fallbacks don't use auction data, so they can provide prices for items you've never seen in the AH, but on the other hand they can't adapt to current market prices.
  • Statistical: Use a chain of Price Samplers and a Price Stat Calculator to estimate a reference price based on current and past prices. Price Samplers allow filtering out auctions that are too old, too cheap or too expensive, so the calculated prices are more robust.
  • Complex: Code your own price calculator and LibPGCEx will integrate it in the price calculation pipeline.
  • Composite: Estimate a reference price based on the reference prices provided by other pricing models.
In addition, for any Pricing model, you can set up a Price Matcher Chain to further tune the reference price.
Bundled modules

Current release comes with the following modules bundled, but you can create your own and make LibPGCEx use them:
Auction searchers
  • Basic (online capable): Provides the same filter options than the native AH window, except the "Usable only" flag, that can't be emulated yet.
  • Extended: In addition to the basic filters, you can filter by unit bid and unit buyout prices, time left and seller name.
  • Vendor: Finds auctions that can be bought in the AH to sell them to a vendor for profit.
  • Resell: Finds auctions that are far below their reference price so you can buy them and resell at a higher price.
Price Fallback Calculators
  • Vendor: Sets up the price to be a multiple of the vendor price.
  • Fixed: Sets up a fixed price.
Price Samplers
  • Time: Filters out old auctions so the statistical price calculated uses the most recent data. This may be necessary for items whose market price changes at a fast pace.
  • Standard Deviation: Filters out auctions whose price is too far away from the average. This may be necessary when other players are aggressively undercutting or selling at ridiculous high prices, so those prices don't impact on yours.
  • Percentile Trim: Filters out the highest and lowest prices, so the estimated price is nearer to the center of the distribution. This may be necessary when other players are aggressively undercutting or selling at ridiculous high prices, so those prices don't impact on yours.
Price Stat Calculators
  • Average: Gets the average price of the sample.
  • Relative position: Gets the price at a relative position. For example, relative position 50% is the median of the sample.
Price Matchers
  • Self & Competition matcher: Checks the price of other active auctions and adjust your price to undercut the competition (or match your own prices so you don't end undercutting yourself!). If there's no competition, it can be configured to increase the price.
  • Min profit matcher: Adjust your price so it doesn't go below a profit margin, respective to the vendor price.
Note: This library is distributed with LibPGC embedded and requires it to work. LibPGC is also distributed independently because LibPGCEx calculations are expensive, so those addon developers that don't need the extra features can choose to use LibPGC separately.
Release 0.4.10
- Added rarity filter to the Resell searcher

Release 0.4.9
- Updated to RIFT 2.3

Release 0.4.5
- Searchers: Raised level cap of Basic & Extended searchers to 60
- Searchers: Added Category filter to the Resell Searcher
- Samplers: Added Min. Sample Size option to the Time Sampler - It'll use older auctions if no recent data is available
- Fallbacks: Added Fixed Price Fallback
- Fixed bug in RelativePosition Price Stat
- Fixed bug in PercentileTrim Price Sampler

Release 0.4.4
- First version
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