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Updated: 11-03-11 10:53 PM
Updated:11-03-11 10:53 PM
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Rift XML Files Converted to MySQL Tables
Version: 0.1 (Rift 1.5 Data)
by: OKeez [More]
This is a zip file for MySQL to recreate Trion's Rift XML files for items, recipes, NPCs, achievements, artifacts and quests in a relational table model (Soul Trees are a tad more difficult because they are stored in separate XML files, still working on those).

The reason I started this (rather time-consuming) conversion process: addon authors will probably need subsets of the data contained in the XML files, not everything. The best way I could think of to do that is being able to to query a database and then convert the result set to Lua (or JSON for a web service). I've looked at XQL and XSLT, but the XML files are huge...I have a W7 64b with 16GB RAM and trying to work on the XML files (if it succeeds) is extremely slow.

This is far from complete: I've used Altova DBSpy to do a first normalization, which has reduced the file size considerably (57MB) compared to the XML files (700MB). The zip file is about 9MB.

At this point, this will only be of interest to other devs with MySQL experience. Data types for columns haven't been optimized yet, so all columns are VARCHAR. A couple of views are defined. I'm planning on optimizing the datatypes and normalizing the ERD some more, and then write a tool that can take the result set from a query and convert it into Lua, so you can have data tables for exactly what you need in your addon.
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