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Version: 1.0
by: SinRopa [More]
Displays in a simple window your realtime Gold-Per-Min.

Useful for comparing different farming methods when travel time is a factor.

Farm for a bit - vendor the trash - compare the income.
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API lacks EXP events... so the short answer is no.

Only option would be to reverse engineer (which I've done) the exp formula and build a library (which I haven't done) to act as the event info.

Overall, it's not worth the effort and the testing required would be a major pain in the ass.

If you want this... go to the official forums and request EXP events for the API.

Soon as the API has them, I will make exp bar replacements.

I've personally requested it many times... but the only way to get it on the "in progress" list is to show that there is a larger demand for it.

Every time there is a GM in chat, bring it up.

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Is it possible to do this for xp gained per hour?
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