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PaxSuicideKings is a Rift addon to help manage rosters for the Suicide Kings loot system used by some guilds for distributing raid loot. This was designed initially for Pax Illuminatus raids but generalized so that any guild can use it.

The main window is divided into two lists. The list on the left is the full raiding list (FRL) of all Suicide Kings participants. The list on the right displays the current raid list (CRL.) Unless a raid is active this list is normally blank. There is a single selection pointer between the two lists. That is if a member in the FRL is highlighted and a member in the CRL is clicked it will unselect the member in the FRL and instead highlight the member in the CRL.

Once a member is selected they can be moved up in a list, moved down or moved to the bottom using the first three buttons. The "bottom" button makes it easy to move those who have opted to loot an item directly to the bottom of the list. The ">" button is used to move a single member from the FRL into the CRL. The ">>" button will examine the FRL and every member that is also in the current group/raid will be moved into the CRL. This makes it easy to populate the CRL at the start of a raid and have them in the correct order. Once a member from the FRL is moved to the CRL a placeholder ( "- -" ) will be inserted into the FRL where that player was. This ensures when the members are shuffled back from the CRL the relative positions stay the same. The "<<" button will move all members from the CRL back into the FRL.

New members can be added to the FRL in two ways: First the "Add" button will bring up a dialog allowing the user to type the name of the member to add. It is a fairly straight forward dialog, the name is entered and if "Ok" is selected the member will be added. The second way to add members is the "Import" button. This button will import all members of the current party or raid into the CRL. It simply enumerates the groups starting with 1 and adds all of the members as they are seen in order. The "Up" and "Down" buttons can be used on the FRL to put members in the desired order after input. To remove a member simply highlight the name and click the remove button. The "Export" button will bring up a dialog with the FRL list comma delimited and already selected. This allows a simple Ctrl+C to copy the entire list to the clipboard where it can be pasted into a spreadsheet, Google Docs, etc.

There are only a few command line options for the PSK addon. Using /psk without any parameter will bring up the full list of options.
/psk show - Display the main user interface for the addon
/psk hide - Hide the main user interface
/psk roster - List the FRL and CRL to the chat window
/psk clear - Completely erase the FRL and CRL

The addon broadcasts both the FRL/CRL lists and its current version number. There is a setting that will allow a client to accept broadcast updates from other users and recreate the local lists from the broadcasted ones. The first time the addon sees a newer version of itself broadcast it will display a simple notification.

To bring up the settings dialog simply press the "Settings" button. There are currently only two settings for the addon. The first is a list of players you wish to accept roster updates from. If a player you are listening to broadcasts a roster, the current FRL and CRL lists will be cleared and recreated from the new lists in the broadcast. The second setting is simply an option to disable the prompts when removing a player.

The addon has been fully internationalized (I18N) but is really only localized for English. There is a French localization file but I simply used Google Translate to create it so it is likely flawed. If anyone wishes to localize the addon they should copy the Localization/strings_en.lua file to Localization/strings_XX.lua, add the new filename to the Localization/RiftAddon.toc and translate the strings in Localization/strings_xx.lua. If you send me the updated files I will be happy to add them to the package and credit you with the work.

There are still a few minor bugs to be fixed and I am activly working on clearing those out. The next feature I plan on adding is color coding the names to their class colors (Warrior=red, Cleric=green, etc.) in the lists. Feel free to send feedback on any features you would like to see.

The main impetus for writing this addon was to help my guild track our Suicide Kings rosters but I also used it to learn Rift Addon development. I have read the code of many other addons (KBM, Gadget, MessageViewer to name just a few) to help me understand concepts specific to Rift and I hope this addon can be used in the same way by others. I have tried to organize the layout of the code such that it is easy to read by others learning to develop addons.

Happy Rifting!

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-Fixed a bug when notifying of newer versions

-Removed inadvertent debugging code

-Updated sync to include both the full and raid rosters now so everyone can get a real time view of the rosters.

-Fixed issue with nil strings in version check
-Fixed issue with nil string in creating roster from another user

-Fixed bug with list selection when hitting up/down/bottom buttons

-Fixed bug adding to raid roster from active party/raid
-Fixed bug where when broadcasting version into raid with a target
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