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Align  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 0.1a
by: Bigbra [More]
Align is a simple addon that enables the ability to more precisely position UI objects by creating a grid overlay across the screen.

Usage: /align #
Example: /align 128
Where # can be any number between 32 and 384. The number is rounded to the nearest multiple of 32.

Typing /align again followed by a 0 or nothing will hide the grid.

Note: Not all grid sizes will fit evenly in to all resolutions.

Inspired by the Align for World of Warcraft by Akeru.

- Frames cannot be deleted currently. As such, going from a small grid size like 384 to a larger one like 32 will still use as much memory.

- Each line is an individual frame, at smaller grid sizes (such as 384) the addon can consume ~1.5MB.

To counter these issues, frames are only created when needed and stored in a queue to be re-used when not in use.
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Thumbs up Nice

Useful addon, thank you.
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Loved it in WoW and it's just as useful in Rift!!
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