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Unstable/Bloodfire Event Tracker
Version: 0.9.4
by: aesha [More]
The Unstable and Bloodfire Event Tracker for RIFT will share information between all those using it, for event notification.

When you enter a zone with an Unstable and Bloodfire Event active, or the event starts while you are there, the addon will broadcast to your guild/raid/party/zone in the background. Those using the tracker will get a notification in the General tab, as well as a screen notification (if visible set to ON), and rebroadcast to thier guild/raid/party/zone depending on where the announcement was received from.

If you are in the zone when the event ends, another notification will be sent stating the event is over.
If you are on guild/raid/party/zone with someone else using the tracker, you will get their notifications!

The addon reports the event name, zone, and shard it is taking place on.
The more people using the tracker, the more useful the addon becomes.

/usbft on (sets screen notification ON)
/usbft off (sets screen notification OFF)
/usbft bloodfire Toggles Bloodfire announcements
/usbft unstable Toggles Unstable announcements
v0.9.4 changelog:
* fixed default (first time) load variables
* changed event start to green (screen/general)
* change event end, to pink(screen)/red(general)
* changed general tab announcement addon title to short form (USBFT)

v0.9.3 changelog:
* Perma fixed issues with events on other shards, moved announcement code to a later location so "shard" info can be acquired
* added red/green color to event active/event ended announcements
* Ignored Bloodfire strongholds and Bloodfire Incursion raid rifts
* added toggle on/off for bloodfire/unstable announcements, but rebroadcasts still take place
* suppressed duplicate announcements (if the occur sequentially)
* suppressed possible announcement flooding (15 sec delay between announcements minimum)
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