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Updated:04-22-15 06:30 AM
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Version: 2.3.2
by: Naifu [More]
This is a plugin for nkAdvisor. You need nkAdvisor for this plugin to work.

nkAdvisor:Rating adds item rating to nkAdvisor. If this module is loaded by itself you can activate a rating window to show up whenver you hover of an item.

If nkAdvisor:Loot or nkAdvisor:Search are also loaded this addon will provide rating functionality for these modules.

If loaded a 'rating' tab will show up in the nkAdvisor window. In this tab your define rating sets and assign artificial values to stats. How high you value an attribute is comletely up to you. These stats are again used on the item database list to rate the items and sort them according to their 'value' for you e.g. a specific spec.

Simply enter the values you like and hit save. You can maintain various different lists corresponding to your roles (dps, supporter, healer, tank).

The addon will check the rating of any equipped item and will show in the loot table tooltips if an items is an upgrade. For twohanded weapons vs. onehanded the addon will combine the ratings of mainhand/twohand and compare that to the twohanded item.

Bug reporting

Please report bug or feature request either through the tools available on this site or by sending me an email at [email protected].
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