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Version: 3.0.6
by: Naifu [More]
nkZoo is a rather simpel addon targeted at people who like to collect different mounts and companions. The addon will create two new action button (default below the standard minimap position). Depending on which of the two buttons you click the addon will:
  • Mount you on a random mount
  • Summon a random companion
  • Each time you mount through this button you should end up on a different mount / have a different pet.

Before you can use either of both buttons you have to tell the addon which mounts / companions you own. Unfortunately that information cannot be automatically retrieved due to API limitations.

Simply access the configuration either through the 'nkButton' which also appears to the left of the minimap or by 'middle clicking' either of the two new buttons.

In the configuration you get a list of all mounts / companions the addon knows. Simply click on a line to tell it, to use this mount / companion. You can select as many mounts as you own. By clicking again on a line you deselect that item again.

Using the scan button you can activate your mounts / pets much easier. Click on the button and the mouse over all your mounts and pets in the character screen (hit 'c'). After clicking on the scan button again the addon will then activate all mounts / pets it was able to identify.

On the second tab of the configuration you can lock the buttons, set the scale of the button and you can also decide to not use either of both buttons at all.

Bug reporting

Please report bug or feature request either through the tools available on this site or by sending me an email at [email protected]
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