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Choco's Cooldowns  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 3.4.4
by: Cheeseonastick [More]
== A Little Background ==
Choco's Cooldowns (CCD) was originally a personal project used to help me sync my personal cds with those of the raid's support. I also used it to encourage the support to use their cooldowns at the right times. There was already an addon available to do this named RaidCoolDowns but I found it too difficult to glean the information I needed with just a glance at the UI. CCD initially tracked just raid cooldowns such as Flaring Power and Orchestra of the Planes before moving on to various other raids buffs (fanfares, motifs, auras, etc) and the most common debuffs. There are many buffs and debuffs not currently tracked but those will all be added over time. CCD iso designed in such a way that you only see what you want to so, despite the list of buffs/debuffs being quite long, you should never feel overwhelmed.

== Features ==
* Tracks all major 1 minute and 2 minute damage increasing raid cooldowns including Power Core, Defend the Fallen, Verse of Joy, Enrage, etc.
* Tracks Phenomenal Crit Pots for each class.
* Tracks many raid buffs with shorter durations such as bard motifs and beastmaster calls, and even those with no duration such as Living Energy and Anthem of Competence.
* Tracks support roles and displays whether any critical support spec is missing. Only buffs associated with support already in your group will be shown. This means, for example, that you will not see an alert indicating that you do not have Volcanic Bomb if there is no Archon, but you will see a message stating that no Archon is present.
* All texts and backgrounds are fully customizable (thanks to Kabloom!) with easy-to-use sliders.
* All frames can be resized and moved to anywhere you see fit on your screen. They can even be linked together for a perfectly aligned layout.
* Settings are character bound but using the CCD Importer you can easily copy your layout and settings across your account.
* Being a Mage I had to include something special for that class so you can have CCD automatically disable the charge drain associated with Wild Growth with one click. Less "Could not cancel unknown ability" spam is always a good thing.
* There is a CPU Tracker that tells you which processes of CCD are using most of your processing power. You don't need to be alarmed by usage up to 12% during intense buffing periods, such as at the start of a fight, but if you notice significantly less FPS and a process consistently over 15% then please report it.
* There is a Debug tab primarily for my own use but if you're curious you can always hit the Print Log button. I may make this more useful to end users in the future.

== Quick Start Guide ==
# After downloading and installing the addon find the CCD button on your screen. Left click the button to unlock frames and begin editing your layout. You can right click the cog in the top-left corner of any frame to bring up that frame's menu.
# Right click the CCD button to bring up the main menu.
# After adjusting your layout for one character, use the Importer to copy that layout to your other characters quickly. You will need to relog or reload ui to complete the import.
# You can bring up the main window through either middle clicking the CCD button, selecting it from the menu or entering /ccd.
# If for some reason you lose any frames associated with CCD a simple /ccd reset will restore those frames to their default positions.
# More detailed information can be found in the tabs of the main window.

== Known Issues ==
* If the Archon or provider of Living Energy begins changing roles and breaks the cast then they will NOT be flagged as support. This is because the addon removes support status from anyone that starts casting "Changing Role" and the API has no reliable way of confirming that casts actually finish.
* If Wild Growth is cast with only 10 charge such that it disabled immediately, CCD cannot track that it has been cast.
* Using both Flaring Power and Command to Attack may be confusing since CCD does not track the Battle Weary debuff.
* If Lava Field is dropped at the same time as Orchestra, the Lava Field frame may not show that is has been used.
* CCD is currently only guaranteed to work with the NA client. The only real issue I can see happening is cooldowns not being removed on role swap due to the Changing Role cast not being translated.
* Many buffs/debuffs such as Assassin's Lethal Poison, Inquisitor/Defiler's 5% Non-physical debuff and Beastmaster defensive cooldowns including others are currently not tracked.
== Bug Reporting/Feedback ==

If you find a bug or just want to give me some feedback please either leave a comment here or contact me directly in game on:
* Lavernagain@Hailol
* Chocolatebear@Hailol
* Pancakedrawer@Hailol
* Knifewrench@Hailol
* Kabloom@Wolfsbane (if I'm not on)
===New Features & Changes===
* CPT alert can now be hidden when there are no crit pots in your bag.
* New crit pots added: Illustrious Bottle of Critical Strikes and Illustrious Bottle of Spellstrikes.
* Removed Focused Fire as it is no longer a raid buff.
* New vials added: Illustrious Brightsurge Vial, Illustrious Enduring Vial, Illustrious Powersurged Vial.
* New debuffs added: Slagged - 5% non-physical damage (Vulcanist/Conflagrate), Squall - 5% crit chance (Dervish).
===Bug Fixes===
* Another fix for Error: CCD/Modules/CritPotTracker.lua:84: attempt to index field "MyPot" (a nil value).
* Cooldown Bars and Alerts should no longer disappear while in Edit Mode.


===New Features===
* Crit Pot Tracker alert now appears on login even if you do not have any crit pots.
* The /ccd and /ccd help commands have been revamped to: print a list of commands, show the CCD button and open the CCD window.
* /ccd locate now also forces the CCD button to be shown.
===Bug Fixes===
* Fixed Error: CCD/Modules/CritPotTracker.lua:84: attempt to index field "MyPot" (a nil value).
* Heal cooldown selections should now be saved. - Reported by Chickie
* Crit Pot Tracker alert should now show the appropriate icon on login for casters.

===New Features===
* Crit Pot Tracker
* The CPT alert can now be set to only be shown while you are in a spec flagged as damage.
* The CPT alert header now displays the number of crit pots in your bag.
* The CPT alert is now displayed on login.
===Bug Fixes===
* Added a fix for Error: CCD/Modules/RaidCooldownTracker.lua:3250: attempt to index local 'abilityDetails' (a nil value). - Reported by Kabloom
* Frames linked to a cooldown bar anchor should no longer overlap. Cooldown bar dimensions may have been reduced slightly.
* Cooldown alerts should now transition more smoothly (particularly from Active to Ready).
* Hidden cooldown bars are no longer included when resizing their container. This means you shouldn't see any undefined space between a frame linked to a bar.


===New Features===
* CCD Messenger Revamp - The new messaging system is NOT compatible with older versions so encourage members of your raid to update.
* All opacity settings now only apply to backgrounds and icons (text will always be opaque).
* Improved Frame Customization - Includes more precise icon sizing, optional header and footers and more. Frame sizes may have changed slightly. - Suggested by Nehira, Niarb, Alfiexx
* Healing Cooldowns - Now completely separate from damage-related cooldowns. New additions include: Beastmaster Commands, Gathering of Flames (Puri), Intensive Care (Phys), Life Insurance (Phys), Life's Rapture (Pally), Mass Rescue (Lib) and Natural Splendor (Chloro) among others. There are still quite a few abilities missing mostly due to the lack of a buff to track e.g. Warden cooldowns, Full Heal abilities, etc.
* Healing Cooldowns (cont'd) - There is now only one alert that acts as an anchor for all active cds (similar to the anchor used for bars). Healing cds also now have their own bar group.
* Improved Cooldown Detection - CCD users will now broadcast their cooldowns from any map, world or instance as long as they are in your group.
* Improved Role Change Detection - As with cooldowns, role changes will also be reported from anywhere.
* The CCD button can now be hidden via its menu. Use /ccd to make it visible again. - Suggested by Nehira@Zaviel
* Cogwheel menu positions are now static and saved per character.
* The Edit Mode window now has a Frame Spacing slider for linking. - Inspired by Kabloom@Wolfsbane
* Improved Buff Tracker Tooltips - The list of buffs tracked is now included in each alert's tooltip.
* The CCD button no longer flashes. - Suggested by Caldorian
* Any frames linked to the bottom left of a cooldown bar anchor will now always be linked to the last bar of that group rather than the first.
* Added the option of disabling alerts and bars in warfronts. This option is account-wide and located in the Misc tab of the main window.

===Bug Fixes===
* Fixed a bug that removed cooldowns on log in.
* Added proper error handling for CCD/Modules/RaidCooldownTracker.lua:1447: in function 'GetAllCooldownInfo'.
* Old cooldowns should no longer persist after that player changes role.
* Buff Tracker buffs should now show the correct timer colour with Alert Mode: Missing.

===Other Changes===
* Dragging the Show Disabled button now moves the Edit Mode window.
* Changed all references of "Inert" cooldowns to "Down".


===Bug Fixes===
* Fixed a bug that occurred on load when grouped with an Archon or Chloromancer.
* Cooldown Bar length should no longer reset on load when set below 125. - Reported by Loqque@Typhiria


===New Features===
* The Importer now remembers the last character selected for import. - Suggested by Chickie
* Improved Archon Detection - Characters with the ability Vitality of Stone (36 points) are now instantly flagged as Archons. This only works for yourself and CCD 3.3.4+ users.
* Added Flame of Life (Purifier), Healer's Covenant (Sentinel), Spiritual Conflagration (Purifier) and Biofeedback (Physician) to the Cooldown Tracker. - Requested by Chickie and Ekhstaz@Gelidra
* Improved role swap detection from users of CCD 3.3.4+ via the CCD Messenger. This also mean that CCD's features should be fully compatible with any language if cooldown users have 3.3.4+. Role swaps from non-CCD users are detected through castbars which can be unreliable due to lag.
* Archons and Chloromancers are now properly unflagged if their soul tree is reset.
* Group members that reset their soul trees now have their cooldowns removed.
* Disabled frames (alerts, bar, cpu tracker) are now hidden by default in Edit Mode. There is a movable "Show Disabled" button in the middle of the screen to show these alerts.
* Readded the option for adjusting cooldown bar background opacity. - Requested by Loqque@Typhiria
* Reduced the minimum length of cooldown bars by half. - Requested by Loqque@Typhiria
* The opacity setting for cooldown bars no longer affects text (i.e. text will remain fully opaque).

===Bug Fixes===
* Debuffs alerts should now work properly for target of target. - Reported by Kabloom
* If there are multiple Archons and one of them changes role, CCD should still recognize that there is an Archon. Same applies for Chloromancers.

===Upcoming Features===
* Heal and Tank Cooldowns will be separated from Damage Cooldowns. The current system was created with only damage in mind and this leads to the UI being less than desirable for cooldowns of other types. The new system will aim to make the Cooldown Tracker as appealing to Healers and Tanks as it currently is to damage dealers.


===New Features===
* Instant Cooldown Detection - Cooldown information will now be sent to users with CCD 3.3.3+ as soon as they are loaded into your list of abilities. The only restriction is that users must be in the same "world" or instance i.e. Mathosia, Storm Legion Zones, the Plane of Water or Conquest.
* Each Buff Tracker alert now has an Alert Show Mode option of either Never, Always, Missing or Active. NEVER is equivalent to disabling the alert. ALWAYS means the alert will. MISSING means it will only be shown when all associated buffs are missing. ACTIVE means it will only be shown while an associated buff is active. Always, Missing and Active modes have additional options once selected. You can access these options from an alert's cogwheel menu or in the Buffs tab. - Suggested by Megron
* Command to Attack (Beastmaster) now has its own alert, separate from Flaring Power. For the most part you can probably just disable it since very few encounters utilize a BM instead of an Archon.
* New alerts now default to the middle of the screen rather than the top left.

===Bug Fixes===
* The option for showing/hiding alerts while cooldowns are Inert (i.e. on cooldown) should actually work now. It may be changed in either the cogwheel menu or in the Cooldowns tab. - Inspired by Maatang
* Fixed a possible error with detecting Archons and Chloros after a Role Changing cast.

* Optimized the formula for draining cooldown bars.
* All alert and bar timers should be in sync with the client's timers (if they weren't already).


===New Features===
* In an attempt to help track down certain bugs that do not trigger addon errors, I have added an Error Manager. There's nothing flashy about it - just use /ccd printerrors to print the list of errors and /ccd clearerrors to clear that list.
* Buff alerts may now be set to show while a buff is active (rather than missing), similar to Karuul Alert's "Active" feature.
* Buff alert timer colours may now be changed automatically when a buff timer reaches a certain value.
* Tooltips can now be changed to: never be shown, always be shown, only be shown in combat or only be shown outside of combat. They will always be shown in Edit Mode. See the Raid Buffs tab for options. - Suggested by Kabloom

===Bug Fixes===
* Cooldowns should now properly be removed when the caster leaves your map. This does not apply if both users have CCD 3.3.0+.
* Cooldowns should now properly be removed when the caster changes their role/spec.


===New Features===
* Added tooltips to raid buffs (not cooldowns). Just hover over the icons.
* Casting a tracked cooldown on any friendly target will now trigger the appropriate alert and bar.
* CCD now tracks the Battle Weary debuff to get more accurate timers for the cooldowns of Flaring Power and Command to Attack. If LESS than half of the raid has Battle Weary then CCD will assume a cooldown of 2 minutes. Therefore, if half or more of the raid are affected by Battle Weary then their cooldowns are assumed to be 5 minutes.
* Added a new module called the CCD Messenger. This module enables your addon to communicate with other users of CCD. Going forward you will see improved performance with more users of CCD in your raid, especially those with support buffs. There's not much to it right now but over the new few updates I should be able to add some interesting features that were previously impossible such as gathering information before cooldowns are used.

* The formula used to fill the cooldown bars was changed slightly. Please report if you notice any inconsistencies.
* Updated the Known Issues section.

===Bug Fixes===
* Using the mouse wheel to resize the CCD button should no longer produce an error.
* The Living Energy alert will now properly show if there is a Mage with a Heal flag in your group.
* Casting your own Wild Growth with 10 or less charge will now trigger an alert. Anyone using CCD 3.3.0 or later versions should also be notified.
* Casting your own Lava Field will always trigger an alert regardless of whether anyone received the buff or not. Like Wild Growth, other users will be notified if they have a new version of CCD.
* Cooldown alerts should no longer appear to freeze.


===New Features===
* Added more options for customizing raid cooldown alerts including changing of the font size for headers and footers. These options may be applied individually by right clicking a cogwheel or globally through the Raid Cooldowns tab. -- Inspired by Xonk
* Added an alert for the Armour Debuff provided by: Lightning Fury (Marksman), Piercing Shot (Ranger), Splinter Bomb (Saboteur) and Mark of Inevitability (Champion). - Suggested by Iamneb
* You can now adjust the opacity of all alerts and bars. - Suggested by someone in an HK pug run
* You can now use the mouse wheel to adjust different properties on various frames including scale, font sizes and length. This works for the CCD button as well but does not apply to the CPU Tracker's frame yet. - Suggested by Kabloom
* You can now lock the position and size of the CCD button from its menu. - Suggested by Kabloom

===Bug Fixes===
* Leaving Edit Mode with the Raid Cooldown Tracker disabled should no longer cause alerts to stay on the screen. - Reported by Iamneb
* Removed some redundant code that might have been increasing CPU usage.
* Middle clicking the CCD button should no longer give the error: CCD/UI/MenuButton.lua:100: attempt to index global "RBT" (a nil value).
* Possible fix for Error: CCD/RaidCooldown.lua:44: attempt to index a nil value.
* You should no longer receive error: CCD/Modules/RaidBuffTracker.lua:452: attempt to index a nil value.

===Quick Tips===
* The amount of space between two frames being linked is set by the slider in the Frame Linking tab
* You can use the Importer to transfer your UI and settings from one toon to another. Simply right click the CCD button and select "Importer" from there.
* You need to press Enter after typing new values in any of the text boxes related to CCD.
* All menus brought up by right clicking can be moved around the screen.


===New Features===
* Raid Cooldown alerts and bars are now completely independent of each other i.e. if you don't like the alerts you can disable them and just use the bars or vice versa. This change also brings a few more options in various menus such as "Enable Cooldown Bars for this group". If alerts/bars are not being shown as you would expect, double check that you don't have them globally disabled under "Global Options". - Suggested by Fathermonster
* All menus are now draggable.
* You can now adjust the height and font size for all Cooldown Bars (in addition to their length). - Suggested by Chickie

===Bug Fixes===
* All visible timers should be more in sync with Rift's timers.
* Chloromancer's Resurgence will no longer trigger the Crit Pot Tracker's Alert.
===Did You Know:===
* The amount of space between two frames being linked is set by the slider in the Frame Linking tab
* You can use the Importer to transfer your UI and settings from one toon to another. Simply right click the CCD button and select "Importer" from there.
* You need to press Enter after typing new values in any of the text boxes related to CCD.


===New Features===
* You can now change the opacity of the Cooldown Bars' background.
* The max number of Cooldown Bars is no longer limited to 20.
===Bug Fixes===
* You should no longer see multiple Symbiosis alerts from the same toon. - Reported by Kabloom
* Possible fix for a rare bug where multiple cooldown timers were updating a single cooldown bar. - Reported by Chickie
* Fixed Error: CCD/Modules/RaidBuffTracker.lua:477: attempt to call field "DebugPrint" (a nil value).
* You should no longer see Error: CCD/Modules/RaidBuffTracker.lua:517 attempt to index a nil value. It hasn't been fixed but it's fine to ignore it until I find the problem.

* You can use the Importer to transfer your UI and settings from one toon to another. Simply right click the CCD button and select "Importer" from there.
* You need to press Enter after typing new values in any of the text boxes related to CCD.


===New Features===
* The alert for weapon stones will now display the image for the crafted, level 61 stone appropriate for your class. Warriors with two-handers will see the Coral Whetstone icon.
* The 20 Cooldown Bars in Edit Mode have been replaced with a single bar that acts as an anchor for others.
* Options for Cooldown Bars have been added to the Raid Cooldowns tab for convenience.
* Cooldown Bars now have a minimum length of 250 (up from 50). Any bars under 250 will be resized automatically.

===Bug Fixes===
* The Symbiosis alert now triggers correctly for the your Synthesis target.
* Cooldown Bars of a particular group will no longer show when that group's Alert has been turned off.
* Cooldown Bars should now be shown or hidden based on settings more reliably.

It's been almost 2 weeks since that last update but I think you'll find it was worth the wait :) Here are the major changes:

=== New Stuff ===
* Added tracking for the Enduring Tank Vial. - Suggested by Chickie
* Added Beastmaster's Spotter's Call.
* All Raid Cooldown alerts have new options regarding when they are shown in raids and combat. - Suggested by Kabloom
* Cooldown Bars! A lot of you requested the option to be able to split the Raid Cooldown alerts by person. That wasn't feasible so these are the compromise. You now have 20 Cooldown Bars that will display the status of each buff or debuff being tracked. If an alert is disabled, its bar is also disabled. Bars have the option to be collectively: shown/hidden, only shown in combat and/or only shown in groups of a certain size. - Suggested first by Lachty, Sherwoodd, Joshulous, Xenaer
* Added an alert for the 5% non-physical debuff provided by Clinging Spirit (Inquisitor), Sigil of Spirits (Cabalist), Tenebrious Distortion (Defiler) and Embers Bomb (Sab).
* Added an alert for the 5% critical chance debuff provided by Lethal Poison (Assassin), Dauntless Strike (Bladedancer) and Mark of Extermination (Champion).
* Added 4 new buffs to the Raid Cooldown Tracker: Unstable Transformation, Shield Defense, Symbiosis and Fiery Will. These are just experimental but if you find them useful and would like another buff tracked just send me a tell.
* Added an alert to track the L61 PA consumable for gloves, Weapon Aegis.
* Included the L61 Main Stat, Spell Power and Attack Power PA Weapon Stones in the list of recognized consumables. - Suggested by Sherwoodd
* Added an option to change the size of the CCD button. Right click to bring up the menu. Type /ccd locate to find the button.

=== Changes ===
* The alert for weapon enchants has changed slightly. Whenever an enchant falls off, the alert will pop up; that is guaranteed. Unfortunately, whenever you reach a loading screen with an enchant already active then the alert will be hidden. It's a slight improvement until I dedicate more time to that particular feature.
* The @Shard portion of player names will no longer be shown in any alerts or bars.

=== Bug Fixes ===
* Fixed a bug that prevented unlinked frames from being imported correctly.
* The Raid Support Message will no longer be shown while the Raid Buff Tracker is disabled.
* Fixed a bug that was causing multiple timers to be attached to a single buff. If you've ever seen your timers incrementing and decrementing continuously this is the fix for that.
* Fixed a similar timer bug for the Raid Cooldown alerts. This one didn't seem to manifest in the alerts but it would have caused more cpu usage than was necessary.
* Raid Buff and Crit Pot alerts will now correctly be hidden when the "Show" checkbox is unchecked.

* FIX: Possible fix for a small bug related to tracking raid buffs.

* NEW: Added an alert for tracking Phenomenal Crit Bottles. Currently you can only adjust settings for the alert by right clicking the cog in Edit mode. It shares the footers (Active, Ready, etc) from the Raid Cooldown Tracker. - Suggested by Lachtate@Wolfsbane
* NEW: There is now an option to set the number of people needed in your group before the raid support message and raid buffs are shown. - Suggested by Egm@Wolfsbane
* FIX: The Clear Text button in the Debug tab now works. - Reported by Topiland
* FIX: Cleaned up some of the code regarding debuffs. This may have fixed some inconsistencies with the debuff alerts.
* FIX: Oracle's Boon of Resurgence not overwriting Bard's Fanfare of Power (RIFT bug) was not being handled well by CCD but it should work fine now.
* CHANGE: Using default alert settings for Raid Cooldowns should now show text as "Ready" rather than "Read". - Reported by Kajara@Greybriar
* CHANGE: Cleaned up some code related to the Raid Buff and Raid Cooldown tracking. If you were experiencing fps lag before then try this release and let me know if the problem persists.

* NEW: Added Focused Fire to the Raid Cooldown Tracker. There may be a few bugs related to Wavelength resetting.
* NEW: You can now use /ccd locate to help find the menu button. Use /ccd print for a list of commands.
* NEW: Frames that are only to be shown during combat will have a light red tint in Edit Mode.
* CHANGE: Revamped the Frame Linking system such that any two frames may be linked by drag-and-drop. See the Frame Linking tab for more details on how the new system works. A side effect of the revamp is that importing old Link settings will not work. You will need to re-save settings under the new version by logging on to the toon you are importing from.
* FIX: The Combat Only option for Raid Buffs should work more reliably. - Reported by Coffeejelly

* NEW: Each Raid Buff frame now has an "Only show in combat" option. There is also an option in the Raid Buffs tab enable/disable this for all frames.
* FIX: The Sigil of Concentration frame should now disappear if you are using the percentage-based buff rather than a flat value. Credit to Notsherwoodd@Greybriar and Coffeejelly@Greybriar for reporting.
* CHANGE: Closing the main window will no longer disable Edit Mode.

* FIX: The weapon enchant frame for rogues and warriors will now only show if there are no enchants on either weapon. This may change to show when an enchant is missing on just one weapon in the future.
* FIX: Feast of the Ghar alert should now work properly.
* NEW: The appropriate vial and stone icons (based on class) will now be displayed.

* FIX: Importing should actually work now.

* FIX: Linking Raid Cooldowns now works properly.

* NEW: There is a now a tab to track addon changes.
* FIX: Some textual errors.
* FIX: Bug that caused Orchestra of the Planes' active timer to refresh every time you got within range of its aura.
* NEW: You can now change the Raid Support Message's background.
* NEW: You can now change the CPU Tracker's font and background.
* NEW: Added the following consumables to the Raid Buff Tracker: crafted NT weapon stones, phenomenal main stat and endurance vials, AP and CP banners, AP and CP sigils, and Feast of the Ghar.
* NEW: You can now link Raid Buff frames to each other by simple drag-and-drop. Spacing and Link Point are configured in the "Frame Spacing" section of the Raid Buffs tab. Drag-and-drop linking for all frames will be available in a later version.
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Originally Posted by dunkel
I'm liking the idea but comparing it to buff-watch and RaidCooldowns, CCD is a lot more resource demanding even while solo. Will test it tomorrow in a raid.

Apart from that I'd love to see the bars behave like buff-watch. Instead of each item having a set position, align the visible items to an anchor point.

Hey dunkel, thanks for the feedback. I am aware that it is more resource demanding than it should be and I'll be looking into that with the release 3.1.8. I don't think of the buffs as "bars" so they aren't designed with that in mind. It does sound challenging having them auto-arrange based on whats buffs are being shown but I'll see if it's feasible.
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I'm liking the idea but comparing it to buff-watch and RaidCooldowns, CCD is a lot more resource demanding even while solo. Will test it tomorrow in a raid.

Apart from that I'd love to see the bars behave like buff-watch. Instead of each item having a set position, align the visible items to an anchor point.

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