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Updated: 10-02-11 02:35 PM
Updated:10-02-11 02:35 PM
Created:10-02-11 02:35 PM
ObjInfo Dump Tool
Version: 1.0.0
by: OKeez [More]
Dumps currently available API object info in tree and JSON format to the chat window.

Usage: /list [option] or /json [option]:
/list will dump option info in a tree-like printout.
/json will dump option info in JSON format preceded by "JSON:" for easy pickup by log parsers.

[p] [player]: dump player info
[t] [target]: dump player target info
[s] [skills]: dump abilities
[bp] [buffplayer]: dump player buffs
[bt] [bufftarget]: dump player target buffs
[cp] [castplayer]: dump player cast bar
[ct] [casttarget]: dump player target cast bar
[u] [units]: dump all viewable units
[u+] [unitsdetail]: dump detail of all viewable units
[cpu]: dump CPU usage info
[doc]: dump API documentation info
[mouse]: dump Mouse info
[shard]: dump Shard info
[lang]: dump Language info
[tf] [timeframe]: dump Time Frame info
[tr] [timereal]: dump Time Real info
[ui]: dump UI Object info
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