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TMc51 06-08-11 04:18 AM

What shard do people play on?
Is there any particular shard with a group of players from the community? I know in WoW at least, there's a few of us on the Alliance side of Kirin Tor.

I need a good long break from WoW, and would like to join up if there's a similar group in Rift.

Kira420 06-08-11 04:54 AM

i have just found this 'revamped' site, I play on spitescar and use the same char name as i use here. Defiant.

Menolie 06-08-11 07:45 AM

I'm on Shadefallen (since headstart) and Estrael (had friends start playing Rift who joined this shard with their guild).

daropedia 06-08-11 09:35 AM

I play Defiant side on Sunrest

Enceladus 06-08-11 12:08 PM

I have a Guardian on Gnarlwood and a Defiant on Alsbeth. Same name for them as I use here.

hylax 06-09-11 04:44 AM

I'm playing on Brutwacht since headstart.

Belthezar 06-09-11 08:47 AM

Sig says it all.

SAI Peregrinus 06-09-11 11:15 PM

Faeblight Guardian.

TMc51 06-10-11 05:19 AM

I'm trying to gauge which servers are fairly popular, since I'd like to either set up, or help set up a guild with as many people as possible from the #RiftUIDev community. As I mentioned, there's a good handful of us from #WoWUIDev in a guild over in that game, and the atmosphere there is just awesome. I feel we can do just as well, even though this is a much smaller/newer site.

Nobgul 06-11-11 03:36 AM

I am on Millrush

Raesoth 06-11-11 09:37 PM

Rocklift shard here on the guardian side

icebjorn 06-12-11 07:32 AM

Icewatch [EU] - Defiant

Dajova 06-12-11 04:49 PM

Playing on Scarhide-EU... Most un-populated server EU!

phoenik 06-14-11 12:11 AM


sirknala 06-14-11 01:09 AM

Epoch (PVP) - Guardian [Outnumbered 1/3 Defiant]

iridar 06-16-11 08:20 AM

Guardian - Estrael
Defiant - Sunrest

Lily.Petal 06-16-11 04:02 PM

wtb Shard that RiftUI plays on :< I just bought the game today and idk any friends who play it.

Cairenn 06-16-11 05:07 PM


Originally Posted by Lily.Petal (Post 222)
wtb Shard that RiftUI plays on :< I just bought the game today and idk any friends who play it.


Gemini_II 06-17-11 06:27 PM

Defiant on Deepstrike (NA, PvP)

From what I could tell, it's about the 2nd or 3rd largest PvP server in NA

Aieny 06-22-11 06:41 AM


Originally Posted by Cairenn (Post 224)

Are people looking at transferring to a new shard to be the unofficial live "AddOn Dev" shard?

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