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Cairenn 06-25-18 08:07 PM

Welcome to Alpha & Omega PTS!
THANK YOU for helping us test RIFT Live and Prime services. You help us a great deal, and always find things that help make the world of Telara better for all!

A few notes to keep in mind:
  • The PTS shards are not always available and may come down unexpectedly.
  • At times, the Dev team may make limited-time items available for testing purposes.
  • Always expect the unexpected on our PTS shards! The only diety on PTS servers is Murphy, and you know what they say about his Law!
  • Your character and items are at risk of random acts of code, natural and unnatural disasters and general mayhem. On the other hand, you’ll get to see and try new content, items and balance passes before anyone else!
Source and full details.

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