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seebs 11-14-11 01:11 PM

So, long story short: I love the item API, but one of the things I love about it is that instead of bits and pieces of functionality that happened to be needed, it's a very bare-bones system that gives you only the basic primitives you can't implement in an addon.

I'm currently mostly distributing it with a wrapper that gives /bag access to it, but the ultimate goal of this library is to provide a general set of bag utility functionality to do all the stuff that we'd otherwise all be reinventing and rewriting at the drop of a hat.


I'm open to suggestions for things the library should do, changes to inputs or outputs, and so on. I'll try to remember to check here, but I am probably more active on the official forums.

seebs 11-17-11 12:46 AM

For what it's worth, it's not ready for primetime yet, but LibBaggotry now automatically saves character inventory; by default it's account-specific, though there's (mostly unused) hooks to export this for other accounts. And a slotspec looking like 'Shard/faction/Character:<slotspec>' is understood by the baggish system.

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