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Ezekiul 11-05-11 05:24 PM

EzPlayerPortrait needs another set of eyes.
So I wrote an addon that is a player portrait replacement and it "works"...

I'm more familiar with OOP languages like Python and LUA seems quasi-OOP.

My point is that it seems I've got a gaping hole somewhere that causes the addon to make the rest of the game sluggish and craptastic.

Would someone mind looking it over and give me some tips on how to structure the addon better? I'd be to entertain any feedback, suggestions etc..

I think since I fleshed out an addon that works (but not nearly as efficient as it could be.) I may consider a re-write from the ground up focusing on the big picture instead of one kludge after another when I realized this is dependent on that, and this requires this, and that calling doesn't need x ... [removed another 100 examples of me stumbling through this addon making process]...

Thanks in advance,


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