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I too am a newcomer to the addon scene, and have even popped into the irc channel.

Sadly, most of the addon community seems to be abandoned, even the irc.

I believe this to be partly the result of the Rift API being so dismally thin, and poorly documented, not to mention not updated much since 2011 (if at all).

Personally, I'm trying to develop my own addon because almost every popular addon is abandoned, and they all seem to break something in the UI. Usually it's the pet bar for anything using certain external libraries, but there are issues with tooltips and other things throughout most.

Plus, having a passion for programming just makes me want to reinvent the wheel sometimes, even though it can be painful.

In any case... I will try to post/respond here more often if anyone is interested in breathing some life back into the community. If so, then I look forward to working with all of you
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