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List: Overlapping buffs

Hey all,

Given the bazillion spells and effects in the game, I was hoping to consolidate which are exclusive. I haven't unlocked all souls/classes though, so any contributions would be welcome

Starting with the souls I play:

Attack Power and Spell Power
Motif of Bravery (Bard, Motif)

% Crit
Motif of Focus (Bard, Motif)
Dauntless Strike (Bladedancer)

% Healing Received
Motif of Grandeur (Bard, Motif)

% Damage Reduction
Motif of Tenacity (Bard, Motif)

% All Stats
Resonance (Bard, Motif)

% Movement Speed
Anthem of Competence (Bard, Anthem)

Magic Resist
Anthem of Defiance (Bard, Anthem)
Aspect of the Elements (Warlord, Aspect)

% ability cost reduction
Anthem of Fervor (Bard, Anthem)

Anthem of Glory (Bard, Anthem)

Increased Physical Damage Taken (hostile)
Coda of Cowardice (Bard, Coda)

Increased Non-Physical Damage Taken (hostile)
Coda of Distress (Bard, Coda)
Exposure (Mage)
Crumbling Resistance (Archon)

Intelligence + Wisdom
Fanfare of Knowledge (Bard, Fanfare)

Burning Intellect (Pyromancer)

Courage of the Eagle (Shaman, Courage)

Intelligence + Wisdom
Fanfare of Knowledge (Bard, Fanfare)

Strength + Dexterity
Fanfare of Power (Bard, Fanfare)

Courage of the Bear (Shaman, Courage)

Combat Preparation (Blade Dancer)
Courage of the Jaguar (Shaman, Courage)

Fanfare of Vigor (Bard, Fanfare)
Aegis of Salvation (Paladin, Aegis)
Aspect of the Fallen Hero (Warlord, Aspect)

%Attack Speed + %Cast Speed
Burning Purpose (Archon)

(left off at page 9 of 27)

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