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Lightbulb UI Libary

Hey guys i have a question?

Is there an addon out there that will allow me to save multiple UI layouts. At the moment I'm using a very basic homemade method where I save my UI.dat file to a main Folder (UI's) with sub-folders for the different aspects of the UI eg. PVP, Questing, Dungeons, etc. But i have to minimize make a copy of the file, place it in my Rift folder re-enter game and type /importui.
I was wondering if it would be possible to have an in-game addon that could do this and just save the UI.dat files to folders in the Addons folder and then have a simple click and load interface also with the ability to name the different UI's otherwise it may get confusing?

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Can you not just

/exportui quest.ui
/exportui rp.ui

And then

/importui quest.ui
/importui rp.ui

Or am I misunderstanding you totally? What exactly are you customising with each setup ?
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