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Geek Girl Commandments and Bill of Rights

With the surge of superhero movies, non-geek girls who are dragged to the movies by their boyfriends are slowly starting to discover the awesomeness that is nerdy obsession and peek behind the pop culture curtain.

Instead of going River Tam on the cheerleaders that so harshly rejected us, we need to guide these ladies into our culture (even if it means enjoying the fact that we're higher on the social - ha! - ladder than they are).

If they want to play on our grid, they need to play by our rules.

Here's a list of ten Geek Girl Commandments and the Geek Girl Bill of Rights you can share with the amateur geek girl you're mentoring.

Geek Girl Commandments
I) Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s 20-sided die.

II) Thou shall not coyly mention your female status in forum posts, lest thee be courted for photographs of your bazooms.

III) Thou shall not begrudge non-geek women for entering the geekdom; for in increasing our numbers shall our collective strength grow.

IV) Thou shall represent all of girl geekdom when attending conventions, shopping at comic book stores, and cosplaying.

V) Thou shall not exclude thy non-geek friends from thy social life, for when thou shall seek to convert, to whom shall you preach?

VI) Thou shall defend any geek that requires assistance, even if she is of the Trek persuasion and you have pledged your allegiance to the Wars.

VII) Thou shall listen to the word of nerd as geeks from other faiths share their messages.

VIII) Thou shall not feel shame for not looking exactly like a character while cosplaying, for screen-accurate uniforms rarely obey the laws of physics.

IX) Thou shall respond with thanks to all who accuse you of doing something “like a girl.”

X) Thou shall not fake knowledge in geeky area, for thou shall be found out and rightfully smote.
In the name of the Scully, the Connor, and the holy Ripley, Amen.

Geek Girl Bill of Rights
* I have the right to be taken seriously for my interests and not be accused of getting into video gaming, comic books, science, or other traditionally male-dominated geek interests to impress a guy.

* I have the right to enjoy non-geeky things without losing geek cred.

* I have the right to send angry emails to retailers that only offer geeky shirts in men’s styles and sizes.

* I have the right to bare arms, abs, and legs. I can dress as any superhero I want to without being touched, harassed, or being accused of inviting sexual advances. I also understand that dressing provocatively will draw attention, and I will deal with unwanted but harmless attention with class and dignity.

* I have the right to enjoy all geek movies, whether they have strong and interesting female characters or they don’t even pass the Bechdel Test.

* I have the right to sneak geek books into formal occasions in case things get dull.

* I have the right to use my feminine wiles to my advantage without being a tease or a jerk.

* I have the right to stand up for myself when my geekiness is mocked. I also have the right to walk away from the situation if I don’t think the bully is worth my time.

* I have the right to cut and dye my hair to match whatever character I am cosplaying, and I have the right to totally botch the job once or twice before I get it right.

* I have the right to engage in heated debates about geek topics without personal attacks or holding grudges.
Courtesy Forces of Geek.
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