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Rift 1.10 - Calm before the Storm Patch Notes

Autumn Harvest offers a respite from endless battle, featuring unheard-of cooperation between Guardians and Defiant. Yet the season’s tinged with foreboding – rumors spread of unnatural cold sweeping from Iron Pine Peak to Stillmoor. Heralds warn that world-shattering events are nigh while Ascended begin preparations for the coming storm!

RIFT 1.10: Calm Before the Storm throws open the gates on cross-faction gameplay, challenging Guardians and Defiant to work together to face Telara’s toughest battles – past, present, and future. Join members of the opposite faction to conquer content from dungeons to raids – but do it soon. The storm is coming ...

Of immediate interest for our community:

  • Added a 'Train All' button to the calling trainer UI.
  • Your inventory bags are now scaleable! Find the bag UI scale and reset bag positions in your settings under Interface > Display.
  • After transferring shards, friends on your Friends List should correctly display their online/offline status.
  • People on your Ignore list will now continue to be ignored properly after you or they transfer to another shard.
  • Friend log-on/log-off messages will now contain the friend's shard name, if applicable.
  • Clicking on an Achievement popup will now take you to the Recent Achievements tab in the Achievement window.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'In Progress' achievements in the window would not update as you completed them.
  • Collection-type quests, such as Fishing quests, now display the objectives (and thus the consumed items) in the turn-in window.
  • Planar Attunement abilities that cost Planar Charge now display that cost in the PA window's ability tooltips.
  • The Macro name field now accepts longer names - up to 50 characters long, even!
  • Fixed the positioning of the rested experience marker on the experience bar - the displayed marker was being shown at the position of 2x the actual rest experience amount.
  • Fixed a problem that occasionally resulted in player-created chat channels having no 'owner'.
  • Combat logs and other files saved by the game client are now stored under \My Documents\RIFT.

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