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RIFT 4.0: Starfall Prophecy Is Here!

The Starfall Prophecies have come to pass. The harbinger of doom is here. The Comet of Ahnket hurtles through the skies towards Telara, tearing pieces from the Plane of Fire and Plane of Life as it passes through and assimilating them into its ever-growing mass. Marshes, forests, deserts, and volcanic wastes have all merged together beneath the shadow of the colossal Tower of Ahnket, creating a new world of unnatural beauty... and unfathomable danger. Now the Guardians and Defiants must unite against the sinister intelligence that guides the Comet of Ahnket and stop it from swallowing our world.

New Zones

Alittu - Quest Hub
Scatherran Forest - Levels 65-66
Gedlo Badlands - Levels 66-67
Xarth Mire - Levels 68-69
Ashenfall - Levels 69-70
Tenebrean Schism - Level 70


64-Bit Client Released!
Level Cap Increase!How To Get To Starfall Prophecy’s Celestial Lands
A new porticulum has been added to Tempest Bay in the Canals, where the entrance to Stormbreaker Protocol once stood. In the room beyond, players can receive a quest from General Batua sending them to the Celestial Lands.
Individual Rewards
New Item: Planar Fragments!
Legendary Powers
Planar Assault Adventures
New Dungeon: Tuath'de Coven
New Dungeon: Temple Of Ananke
New Dungeon: Intrepid Darkening Deeps
Active Upgrades
Pvp Bracket Changes

Game Updates

  • A new season for leaderboards has started! As such, all leaderboards have been reset.
  • The level 65 and level 60-64 chat channels have been removed, and have been replaced with level 60-69 chat. A new level 70 chat channel has been added!
  • Characters who change their factions are added to the appropriate starter guild of their new faction, whether or not they are on their home shard.
  • Fixed an issue with the Auction House's suggested price option that was causing incorrect prices for stacks of items larger than 1 when relisting auctions.
  • Fixed an issue where LFG was not properly computing your stats when changing specs.
  • A number of typoseses have been addresseded.
UI and Settings
  • Adjust Pixel Granularity under Settings>Video>Advanced now notifies players that it requires a client restart to update.
  • You can no longer purchase multiple soul packs on the character creation screen.
  • RIFT Store: The services tab now shows Void Stone as a currency in the lower left hand corner.
  • Guild Perk: Updated tooltip for Cache Finder.
  • Added more icon options to the macro UI.
Source and full patch notes.

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