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New to rift and addon creation.

Hello people of riftui.com.

As I was searching around for a "new game" to play (since Rift is F2P, sort of), I thought i would give it a whirl(I did search for awhile finding a game to play and narrowed it down to Rift and RoM, and chose Rift).

I also seen that Rift can have addons to it (which is great), Now I had an interest in creating a specific addon (mainly for myself really for the next obvious reason). I own and operate an internet radio station that plays a variety of genre of music, and I wanted to set up and addon that could stream my stations music into the game for myself.

I did read over the small tutorial on creating an addon, but didn't really help me with my little to none knowledge of Rift addon creation.

Would anyone know "how" or even if its possible to setup something like that? (Sort of a mini in game radio player) As I did not really find anything in that type of category in searching for addons.

(Yes, I know, you can alt-tab in and out of game and use Winamp or other type of music player, However, It would be more efficient to have the in game player to control rather than alt-tabbing in and out all the time). (Also to include, I have another stream that plays only gaming music (nes, snes, sega, etc).

Thanks for any help you may be able to give,

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