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IRC Channel and In-Game Guilds

IRC If you want to be able to talk to other Rift UI Devs in real time (providing people are awake, etc). Whether you want to ask for help in programming in LuaJIT for Rift, learn better ways to code your addons, or just to hang out and BS with other devs, feel free to come join us.

Server: irc.freenode.net
Channel: #RiftUIDev


There's a good webchat client here: http://webchat.freenode.net/

Guilds We've got the in-game guilds all set up now. They are on the PTS, since it is persistent (unlike in some other games). This makes it easy for authors to be able to create, test and maintain their Addons concurrent with any changes Trion makes to the API etc.
  • PvE server:
    • Guardian: Lua Lackeys
    • Defiant: JIT Jockeys
  • PvP server:
    • Guardian: Lua Lackeys
    • Defiant: JIT Jockeys
No one expects you to make these guilds your 'main' guild (unless of course you want to), but they'll give you someone else to talk to, help you with maintaining and testing your addons, etc. If you want an invite to any of the AddOn Dev guilds, drop into the #RiftUIDev IRC channel and ask if anyone is available to do so.

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