How do I import a raid from Excel?
Ok, so I use OpenOffice instead of Microsoft products, but this should be the same for everyone else. Here are the steps for uploading raids that are in Excel:

(1) Restructure your Excel sheet ( everything needs to be in the same sheet ) so that every new piece of information creates a new row. The best way to do this correctly, is by just looking at the included image on the addon page.
(2) Save as... to whatever directory/folder you wish, WITH the fine suffix being CSV. Whatever program you are using, it should ask you how it is formatted. The "field delimiter" should be set to the "," (comma) and the "text delimiter" should be set to the " ' " (single quote/apostrophe).
(3) Now go to that file via the file browser, and open it using something like Notepad, or some other plain text editor.
(4) Select all of the text, and then copy it.
(5) Open up RIFT, and type /rrl to open up the main revRaidLoot window.
(6) Right click the "import" button
(7) Paste the text into the text area on the new window that is displayed
(8) Click "Import as CSV"
(9) Now, when you go to the raid select dropdown, on the upper-left of the main window, your new raid(s) should be there for you to load, update, delete, etc.

In the picture at the addon's page (the Excel sheet one), there are several keywords that you MUST have in order for the import to work correctly. They are: "raid_name", "group", "main", and "sub".

"raid_name" must be followed by the name of the raid you are importing
=> eg. HK Raid
"group" must be follwed by the group that will follow in the next lines. Options here are "main" and "sub"

Remember, you must also have a new row for the raid_name, the group, and each member in each group.

Enjoy! Let me know if you have any problems.

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